last post of october!

So…course selection didn’t go as planned. Or maybe it did go as planned, since I anticipated the long holdup? The system went down about five minutes before my scheduled time, and I proceeded to refresh the page on three browsers for almost two hours. And then I got back to the dorms after eating out with T to try and take my mind off things, only to realize that either 1) the system had JUST started working again, or 2) the error page I was on had changed so that refreshing would always bring me back to the error page, meaning the system had been up but I hadn’t known.

Faaaaaail :(

And then as soon as I got on, I tried registering for my much-desired/needed art class, only to find that it literally had JUST filled and does not even have a waiting list. All hopes crushed.

Faaaaaaaaaail :(

But to give this lament a happy ending, I did manage to enroll in my also much-desired/needed Economics class, which will end up being my practical major anyway and thus more important in the grand scheme of things…and I swapped out the art course for another course I would end up taking anyway, although things are still messed up since now I have to delay my major application another semester. Sniff. BUT I did get two classes in the subject matters that I needed, and I did fix my schedule so that the new version is quite agreeable, so how can I really complain?

All this means is that, come time to apply for my major, I will have to work that much harder to make up for the lost semester. Art only takes eight or so students a semester, so I wanted to give myself extra time to apply, but that’s a worst case scenario. The best case scenario would be to apply and get in with ease…which will be possible if I’m good enough. If I’m good enough.

Which means I should be studying for my History of Art midterm, since my GPA is crucial for this process, but I’ve instead been updating my LinkedIn and other little things, trying to mask my disappointment…but I guess everything turns out okay. I have another phase of course selection on its way (six weeks left!) and only then will I be able to be at peace with this whole process.

I hate Cal for this. But I guess it’s a character-building process, eh?

Hello, November.

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